Day 4

We walked to Walmart that morning in Childress and got some cat supplies and some food. Then we started driving towards Brownsville. It was a cloudy day and we were doing well till the truck started to lose power again. This created anger and fear in both of us. I was driving and Bijan’s frustration caused him to raise his voice in anger towards the truck. I had to pull over as the truck slowly died on the side of the road.  We were 20 miles away from Fredericksburg. I let the car rest a bit but it would not start. The engine would turn over but it wouldn’t start. Bijan checked the fuses and wiggled a few wires, checked the air filter, and then crossed our fingers and prayed. WHEW!!!  The truck started. We got in and Bijan drove. We both prayed that we would make it to Fredrickburg and I was hoping to see a Chev dealer so I could get it looked at.

Wow what luck. The truck made it to town and just as we rolled in there was a Chev dealer. The car was still acting up and we drove it to the service bay. An awesome lady there accommodated us. They let us take Ziggy into the waiting room and we had a coffee. After a while, the car was taken to get diagnosed. We were getting hungry so we went across the street to Porky’s for some burgers. This was a nice surprise. The restaurant was an old house converted to a burger shack. We ordered two cheeseburger specials and were surprised by how much we ate!  After dinner they gave us a marker to leave a message or your name on the wall.  There’s a ton of them all over the place and even on the ceiling. We sat in the far right corner stall as you walk in. Look for Bijan and Michelle going to Mexico 2009 in pen.

After our huge lunch we went back to the Chev dealership.  The nice lady had some news for us. The car needed a new fuel pump. It was Friday though and they didn’t have one and needed to order it.

They didn’t work on weekends and it was too late. We would have to wait til Monday. Bijan asked if there was another dealership and to our astonishment……there was! Only it was in the next town down the road. Now, we needed to be towed BUT we would be able to get it done by Saturday morning.  It cost us $140 to get it towed, $40 for the diagnosis and the car was still not fixed.  We left with the tow truck driver and headed to the next town.

We met a very nice salesman there and he tried to accommodate us as well as he could. They took the truck inside and started their diagnosis.  Then they drove us to a nearby hotel for the night.  We were leaving our truck and all of our belongings at the dealership so we grabbed the bare minimum that we needed to get through the night. Bijan felt we needed a break and bought six beers. We are not drinkers but we drank them all that night.  The hotel had a pool and we sat by it watching the sun go down.  The water was warm and we both stripped down and got in.  There was no one else checked in at the hotel so the only people to see us could be the staff and we didn’t care.  We swam and drank the cold beers until the sun was gone.

Later, Bijan walked back to the dealership to get my laptop so we could see a movie.  It put him at ease to visit the truck and see our belongings.  We sold everything before we left Canada.  The contents of the truck was our life’s possessions now.  It made us very protective of the truck.