Checking out my new community

After we settled into our new little house I decided to roam around our area and sight see.   I went for a walk around the community and then crossed the 307 hwy (this highway starts at Cancun and goes all the way down the coast to Belize) and headed to a dirt little beach road. Our house is on the jungle side of the highway.  I walked just 10 minutes from the house and was at the beach.  I couldn’t believe how close the beach was to my new Home!    Since this beach is a turtle sanctuary beach it is only open to the public from 9am to 5pm.  They open and close a big gate on the road to keep people out.  The gate was open and I walked down the road towards the blue ocean.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the caribbean ocean was as I walked onto the soft fine white sand.  The white sand and  turquoise water was very very pleasing to the eye! 

There was no one on the beach.  I walked to the water’s edge and felt the warm caribbean water.  Small waves lapped at my feet.  I was in the middle of this beach / bay so I walked to the right and noticed the waves became stronger and stronger the farther I walked.  At the end of the beach is a sign that says “Privado”  so I didn’t go any farther.  I turned around and walked back.  As I passed the middle mark I noticed the waves were getting smaller and softer.  It appears this bay has a gentle snorkel side and a surf / body surfing side.  Lucky for me because I love to snorkel and I had just bought a body surf board at the grocery store 🙂  But for today I will just walk on this beautiful beach.  At the end of the gentle side was another sign saying “Privado”  so I turned back.  Wonder why each end has a stop to it?  I thought the beach was a “free zone”.  I will have to ask around and see what I can find out.

Stopping on the gentle side I sat down on the sand.  Wow! Still no other person on the beach!  I took a good look around…nope no people.  So, I decided to go for a quick dip.  I took off my sundress and was lucky to have my bikini on…….always prepared.  The water was so calm and warm and so soft on my skin.  I swam around and went under the water.  The gentle waves pushed me back towards the shore.  The top of the water glistened in the sunlight like there were diamonds on top of it.  I was in Heaven!  I didn’t stay in too long because I am a little afraid of the water and fish.   But the warm caribbean sun on my white Canadian skin did make my entire body relax.  I floated on the top of the water for a while. Later, I laid my sundress on the sand and sat on it until I was dry.  Then I wandered back to the little dirt road and headed home.  The jungle birds singing, the sun shining and me with a big smile on my face!